Clyde the hawk keeps food stealing gulls at bay on Hastings seafront

Clyde the Hawk at Hastings SUS-180817-080253001
Clyde the Hawk at Hastings SUS-180817-080253001

Marauding seagulls that swoop down on those enjoying fish and chips by the crazy gold complex may not find it such easy pickings.

Hastings Adventure Golf, on the seafront has enlisted Clyde, the hawk, to keep the seagulls at bay and allow its customers to enjoy their fish and chips in peace.

The team at the crazy golf complex say they tried various other ways to deter the seagulls, including the use of plastic hawks and flying reflective ribbons - all with limited success.

Now it appears that the gulls recognise the falconer’s van and start flying higher before he’s even parked the vehicle!

Clyde visits four times a week during the busy lunch period and when in residence the gulls keep their distance.

Kate Richards, of Hastings Adventure Golf, said: “This is the most effective and humane way of keeping the gulls away – particularly during the busy lunch periods – allowing our customers to eat their lunch and treats in peace after their game of crazy golf.”

Gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 that makes it illegal to intentionally injure or kill them.

Hastings Adventure Golf is the largest mini golf complex in the country offering three 18 hole courses and hosts the World Crazy Golf Championship every year.

Dubbed the ‘spiritual home of crazy golf’ by the British Minigolf Association, it has three differently themed courses – pirate, adventure and crazy.

Have you experienced problems with seagulls stealing your food or dive-bombing you? Tell us about it.