CLUB: Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

IT never rains but it pours as the saying goes. I don’t do TV for a while and then suddenly three in one go, all different so they can all run together, Boomtown for BBC3, There’s a Ghost in my House, and a documentary about the occult and supernatural, parts of which will be filmed locally including the urban legend of the curse on the town. Needless to say I am looking for locals to take part so get in touch if you want your moment of fame, particularly if you feel you are cursed.

As the Autumn draws closer I expect the ghostly sightings in peoples homes and out of doors to increase. When there are many hours of sunlight ghosts seem to hide away, it’s more that people aren’t so spook conscious but as more hours of darkness ensue so do sightings of all sorts of paranormal phenomena.

It’s not that hauntings are less frequent in more well lit months its more that people’s minds turn to more spooky thoughts.

I will again be taking people to supposed haunted sites to hold a vigils (not walks/tours), using various equipment and will be holding regular monthly talks on all aspects of the supernatural including practical experiments with the ouija board, dowsing, telepathy etc.

For more details or to participate contact -, Kevin Carlyon. 22B Dane Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, TN38 0QW (Don’t just turn up unannounced without an appointment) or 07738 682815.