Close-knit school pupils creating spectacular scarf

Pupils with their extra long scarf
Pupils with their extra long scarf

WHEN a local primary school needed fundraising ideas to repair their swimming pool there was no room for woolly thinking - or was there?

Pupils, staff and parents at Blacklands School have been busy on a colossal sponsored knit and are aiming to produce an amazing 50-metre long scarf, the same length as five double decker buses.

They are 10 metres short of their target but confident they will get there - and now they are hoping for a final sponsorship push.

Su Barnicoat, who sits on the PTA committee at the Osborne Close school, said: “It was my silly idea because I quite like knitting and I thought it could appeal to different age groups and we could get sponsored by the metre. Some of the teachers have been doing it in class but little fingers find it quite hard to knit so some of the children have been working on little squares. But everyone has been very enthusiastic - even if some of the sections have been more hole than knit - and it’s been fantastic to have the whole school doing it together.”

The PTA needs to raise money to re-line the school’s swimming pool and Ms Barnicoat thinks the youngsters’ efforts should be better rewarded. “We have had money coming in but for the amount of effort we have put in we have not had as much as we would have liked. It would be a great if a local company could help us - we would certainly knit them a thank-you scarf.”

And what will happen to the scarf once it has been completed?

“We will probably display it in school,” said Ms Barnicoat, “and then we want to cut it into scarf-sized lengths and give it to The Mission to Seafarers, which supplies equipment to sailors in developing world countries.”

Anyone who wants to sponsor the scarf can call the school on 01424 429279.