Circus set to stun audience with amazing acrobatic feats

The X-treme Brothers
The X-treme Brothers

The Billy Smart circus is to return to Hastings for another round of amazing acrobatic feats.

Hosted by the founder’s grandaughter, Yasmine Smart, the circus will feature a range of exciting and elaborate acts which will see audiences gasp in amazement as acrobats dare to defy gravity and perform thrilling displays.

The 10 handed Assadulin Troupe from Russia, direct from the Ringling, Barnum and Bailey Circus in the US, are bringing thier spectacular springboard and Russian bar acrobatics. The troupe will use a specially constructed seesaw or Russian bar to propel one another high into the air.

Another star who will be impressing the audience is Alina Eskina who has just completed three years at Indonesia’s top casino. A child of the Moscow State Circus, Eskina will perform her ‘cube’ routine. In a beautifully choreographed and dazzling display she combines traditional skill with elegance and flair.

Talented Romanian acrobats. the handsome X-treme Brothers, Costin, Petru and Gabriel, will stun the crowd with their immense strength and power to achieve amazing feats of balance.

With no circus being complete without its clown, Jonny Bogino from Italy, is bringing his whimsical comedy style to the UK for the first time,

Jonny, who comes from Italy, is no fool though and his family have been circus performers for generations, embodying the tradition and spirit of the classical circus.For a bit of foot juggling, Germaine Delbosq, from France whose family have performed in the circus for generations, will demonstrate her skills with a modern slant on the back of a motorbike. There will also be Argentinian bloas drumming from Gabriel Carmona and partner.

Billy Smart founded his circus, the largest company touring the UK, in 1946 and over the next 25 years it became a household name largely through its TV appearances. The first colour programme to be transmitted by the BBC was the Bank Holiday edition. It was a household name through the quality and slickness of its touring productions, and also through its TV circuses - one at Christmas, one at Easter, and also a ‘junior’ version featuring young performers. The circus will be at the Glyne Gap Circus Field in August from August 14 to August 19. Tickets cost £12-£28 for adults and £10-£24 for children. For more information visit