Church is flexing its muscles

The news of the family being refused permission by the Church of England to place the words “free spirit” on a loved ones grave is only the most recent of a fairly long run of refusals from church authorities for inscriptions and exemptions to memorials.

It seems the the Church of England is clamping down and flexing their muscles over trivia that hits people in their time of grief.

When you look at old tombstones we see a plethora of points about the deceased with no problem from anyone about whether it is acceptable to a few who seem to have nothing better to do than nit-pick peoples views of the person that they knew best.

As long as the inscription is not offensive in any respect, why does it matter what a few carefully chosen words say about a person or their life.

No wonder people are losing faith and church attendance dropping to an all time low but apart from that, who pays these peoples salaries?

Derek Stocker.

Duke Street.