Church holds baptisms in the sea

Baptism 1 SUS-180713-120142001
Baptism 1 SUS-180713-120142001

A number of people from Holy Trinity Church in Robertson Street were baptised in the sea at Hastings.

Holy Trinity Hastings (HTH) is a vibrant local Church in the town centre of Hastings that has gone from strength to strength over the last few years.

Baptism 2 SUS-180713-120154001

Baptism 2 SUS-180713-120154001

Its vision is to be a church for the young, the non-religious and the marginalised, and it has recently launched many new community initiatives with over 500 people being impacted each week.

Vicar Simon Larkin commented: “We love being a part of this community in the centre of Hastings.

“Everyone is welcome and it has been so great to see new friendships being created, people finding a place where they can belong, and many people having an opportunity to make a big difference to other people’s lives.

“An example is our youth programme, where around 70 youth get together to enjoy a safe space in the town centre on a Friday evening.

“It’s been great to see our Sunday services grow too, and people love the relaxed feel, whether it’s the fresh coffee and croissants, the band or life-impacting talks.

“It’s been fantastic too seeing people finding new hope and a new or strengthened faith in Jesus. We are fortunate that our church is just 100 metres from the sea and we can baptise people out in the open.

“A crowd comes from the church and we also get intrigued passers by stopping to watch, as well as paddle boarders who get a great close-up view.

“Water has much symbolism including cleansing, new life and refreshment. Jesus himself was baptised by John the Baptist in the River Jordan, so the sea seems like the natural place for us to come together to share and encourage those who are being baptised.

“ It can get quite choppy and chilly too, so we often have to keep an eye on the tide!”

Helen Barker and daughter Isla were among those to be baptised in the sea earlier this month.

Helen shares why Baptism is important to her: “I have come through a long journey into faith and have had a tough ride, but after finding faith the bumpy road is smoother and I feel my baptism will represent that going under the water my old life will die and I will be reborn into a new life with Jesus.”

Isla added: “Jesus means everything to me, and made me believe in and stand up for myself. Baptism is awesome – I love that it refreshes your life and I wanted to get baptised because I want God to help me go the right way in life.”

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