Christmas brings new bundles of joy

Katie Broad with Leo Broad born at 19:52 on Christmas Day weighing 6lb 6oz
Katie Broad with Leo Broad born at 19:52 on Christmas Day weighing 6lb 6oz

SEVERAL delighted families across 1066 Country received a festive surprise when their babies were born on Christmas Day.

Little Leo Broad (above) came into the world at the Conquest Hospital weighing 6lb and 6oz.

His 23-year-old mum Katie, of Merrimede Close, St Leonards, said her son was supposed to be born on December 20 but chose to come five days later.

She said: “I was also supposed to have the birth induced on New Year’s Eve, as he was overdue. It was in the afternoon on Christmas Day I started getting pains and I was almost half an hour into labour when I arrived at the Conquest.”

Proud parents Richard and Sadie Davies, who live in Robertsbridge, saw the birth of their son Charles just before 8.45pm on Christmas Day. Richard’s wife, originally from Kentucky in the USA, spent most of the day at the Conquest as Charles’s birth took a long time. When he eventually arrived he weighed a healthy 7lb 14oz.

Richard, 36, said: “We are both delighted and the birth of our son rounds off a nice year for us.”

Baby Oscar Peters was also born on Christmas Day at the Conquest, weighing 8lb 15oz but was meant to enter the world yesterday (Thursday).

His dad Craig, of Albany Road, Bexhill, said: “My partner Corinne and I went to bed the night before but her contractions started at 1.30am.”

Oscar has a four-year-old brother Ryan.