Charlotte fights back to fitness

Charlotte Barcellona pictured in Sports Supplements Gym, Hollington. 9/12/13
Charlotte Barcellona pictured in Sports Supplements Gym, Hollington. 9/12/13

A MOTHER-OF-TWO who underwent major spinal surgery and feared she may never walk again after a horrific attack has become a bodybuilding powerlifter.

Charlotte Barcellona, 30, from St Leonards suffered two prolapsed discs which required six titanium screws inserting during painful operations over the last decade.

The 5’3” powerlifter said she was attacked during a fight while she was a student at John Ruskin College in Croydon when she was 17. Her attackers kicked her in the back. In 2000 Charlotte’s family moved to Hastings and she settled into life here.

She married and had two children and set up a sports supplement business with her husband.

Charlotte underwent her last operation in 2010 and made a remarkable recovery.

Two years ago she stated training in the gym to try and get fit and strengthen her back.

She began bodybuilding and can now deadlift an impressive 100kg - twice her own body weight. In August she finished second in a charity deadlift competition. In June they opened a small gym in Battle Road, Hollington, called Sports Supplements Gym which is growing every month.

Charlotte has already competed in some regional bodybuilding competitions and hopes to win her first next year.

She said: “Lifting weights has really helped me recover. It was a very painful process and I feared I might not be able to walk again. When I told the doctor I wanted to do powerlifting and body building he was not sure. But it’s worked really well for me turned my life around. It gives me an enormous sense of well being. I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.”