Charity for Kids steps in to help three disabled girls

Molly Collins
Molly Collins

A children’s charity has stepped in to help the families of three disabled youngsters.

Charity for Kids held various fundraising events and donated money to the families of Dolcie Robertson, Molly Collins and Summer Finlay.

Dolcie (Dolly), from Deepdene Gardens, is three and suffers from cystic fibrosis. Her mum, Emma, contacted Charity for Kids last year when she heard about it via a friend on Facebook.

Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary disorder affecting the exocrine glands. It causes the production of abnormally thick mucus, leading to the blockage of the pancreatic ducts, intestines and bronchi and often results in respiratory infection. Part of Dolly’s treatment was that several times a day one of her parents would have to spend around 20 minutes at a time holding her down and patting her side, chest and back to try and help keep the mucus as clear as possible.

Emma heard about a specialised Airway Clearance Vest and thought that this may be the answer. But she realised the vests cost £7,000.

Charity for Kids held a Masquerade Ball at Azur in St Leonards. With the help of around 200 guests, a charity raffle and auction on the night more than £7,000 was raised.

Five-year-old Molly, of Gillsmans Hill, St Leonards has mixed type four limb cerebral palsy which means she is unable to walk unaided.

Her mum, Sarah, was recommended to Charity for Kids from a friend who also has a daughter with the same condition. The main priority for Molly was to buy a special suit, as recommended by her physio, to help correct her posture. These suits cost more than £700.

Charity for Kids was able to fully fund the suit with the help of A1 Quality Homecare, which recently ran a ‘dunk your boss day’, raising £3,000.

Two-year-old Summer, of Red Lake Terrace, suffers from spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Her spina bifida means she is virtually paralysed from the waist down. On top of these problems she also has issues with her bladder and bowel.

Charity for Kids recently funded a specialised self-propelled wheelchair for Summer to aid her in her mobility and her independence. Her dad, Shaun, said: “Summer is so much more confident and independent already as she’s taken to the new wheelchair so well. In the past when we were out Summer would either be in our arms being carried or in her buggy. When people used to approach her and say hello she would be very shy and hide away, but not any more. She happily says hello back now and engages in conversations since she’s been in her wheelchair. The change in her confidence is amazing. It really is life-changing for Summer.”