Chancellor visits Hastings

George Osborne. Photo by Graeme Williams
George Osborne. Photo by Graeme Williams

The Chancellor, George Osborne visited Hastings this morning (Tuesday).

He met with business leaders, councillors and other representatives at offices in Havelock Place in Havelock Road to outline the Conservative party’s plans for the economy of the south coast in the lead up to next month’s General Election.

It was Mr Osborne’s second visit to Hastings, as he came to the town at the end of last August.

He gave a speech this morning, saying his party pledged to create 120,000 extra jobs in the south coast of England over the next five years, back small businesses with lower taxes and support the area’s maritime and tourism industry.

Mr Osborne said: “There is much, much more to do in order to unlock this area’s potential. I think it’s the first time that any government of any political persuasion has done this.

“We want to see more jobs on the south coast to provide more job security for families. This is always a popular place to visit with tourism and we should build on that strength.”