Chairman’s scathing attack on ex-player

Hastings United Club chairman Dave Walters
Hastings United Club chairman Dave Walters

THE CHAIRMAN of Hastings United Football Club has written a scathing attack on a former star player who quit weeks before the end of the season telling him to “grow up for f*cks sake.”

In an unprecedented move, Dave Walters took to his programme notes for last Saturday’s game against Whitstable to launch his stinging criticism of striker Trevor McCreadie.

The 20-year-old, who bagged 12 goals in 25 games for United, left on April 12 stating the “buzz had gone” following a 2-0 loss at Horsham.

The club is already on its third manager since the start of pre-season after the loss of club stalwart Sean Ray and sacking of John Maggs in January. Terry White is currently in charge. And the team faces a must win games at the Pilot Field tomorrow to stand any chance of making this season’s play-offs.

In Mr Walters’ ‘From the Boardroom’ section of the programme he wrote:

“I am hugely frustrated with a number of things at the moment, one of which is the attitude shown by Trevor McCreadie in leaving the club with us in a play off position with only three games to play.

“At nearly every club at any point of time there will be players who are not 100 per cent happy.

“It might be because they think they are spending too much time on the bench or that they don’t like being subbed.

“They might not get on with everyone whether it be a another player or someone in the management team. To any player that decided to leave because of this my message is ‘Grow up, for f*cks sake.”

He goes on to write: “One thing is for sure we are better off without him.”

A long-term supporter of the club, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Observer: “This is unprecedented. I’ve never known any manager to use foul language like this in his programme notes. I’m flabberghasted. It’s totally unprofessional. The club represents the town and it gives the town a bad name something like this. I shall not be returning to the club until Walters leaves. Even if he says sorry I shall not be returning.”

Dave Murphy, who is one of the club’s director, said: “By walking out, Trevor McCreadie, let down the club, the management, his team mates and most importantly of all, the supporters of Hastings United Football Club. His conduct in waking out at such a crucial part of the season simply does not, in any way, stand up to scrutiny. As regards Dave Walters’ programme notes, the Board has received nothing but positive feedback from supporters. I can do no more that to suggest to this ‘alleged angry supporter’ that he/she finds another club to support.”