Ceiling collapses on vet and two nurses during operation

Paul Cooper and Kelly Page after the ceiling collapse
Paul Cooper and Kelly Page after the ceiling collapse

A VET ended up with head injuries after a ceiling collapsed on him while operating on a dog.

Paul Cooper, partner at Coopers Vets, on The Ridge, was out in Greece working for a charity that looks after stray dogs.

He was in the middle of a spaying, or neutering, procedure, when the ceiling of the makeshift operation theatre caved in.

Mr Cooper, together with veterinary nurses, Kelly Page and Sara-Jane Wilcox, were working at Halkida Animal Shelter, in a remote area of Greece.

He suffered two gashes to his head, Ms Wilcox ended up with a cut to her arm and Ms Page had to be treated for shock.

The three were out in for a week for the charity Friends of the Strays of Greece. The country has a serious stray animal problem and more than half of the animals that Paul and Kelly treated were pregnant and had erchichia, a serious blood disorder.

Mr Cooper said: “It sounded like a bomb had gone off in the room. I was engulfed in a cloud of dust and blood coming from two cuts on my head. Luckily I managed to protect the patient from the full force of impact.”

Ms Page said: “I was so shocked, I needed a sweet tea and a lay down. I could not believe that we were all covered in debris and dust.

“I knew Paul was bleeding but couldn’t help him as I was worried about my dog under anaesthetic.”

Despite the setback, the team neutered eight cats, 34 dogs and took blood samples of a further 15 animals. The dog Mr Cooper was operating on survived the operation.