Catwoman's claws out for CSA

A PVC clad 'catwoman' chained herself to railings on Tuesday to protest for children's rights.

Thursday, 23rd September 2004, 3:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:20 pm

Janice Cronley targeted the Child Support Agency headquarters at Ashdown House dressed in the skintight suit and whiskers to protest for mother's rights too.

Reflecting the recent stunts of Fathers for Justice campaigners, Ms Cronley feels let down by the CSA who have not organised payment for 11 years.

She now feels they owe her children 11,000 and she braced the cold for just under one hour before CSA staff persuaded her to go inside and have a chat.

Ms Cronley, of Swanley, said: "I decided to fight for my children because they have rights too. It's the system I am most angry with. One of my kids is doing 'A' levels and is talking about going to university, but at the moment there is no way I can afford that and that's not right. Father's for Justice? What about justice for the children?"

When Ms Cronley and her ex separated about 14 years ago a court order ensured he paid about 20 a week towards the children's upbringing.

But when the CSA took on the case the court order was abandoned. Since then Ms Cronley and her two sons, aged 15 and 17, have not received a penny from the CSA.

Ms Cronley said: "I have supplied the CSA with every contact detail I have for my ex, but when I went inside to talk to them they didn't know anything about my case.

"Friends have helped out with the children, buying school books and things. But enough is enough. I only want for my children what they are entitled to. It's not right they should go without because the system has failed us."

When the Observer went to press Ms Cronley was still waiting to hear from the agency.

A CSA spokesman said: "We cannot comment on individual cases.

"The Child Support Agency always seeks to collect maintenance so that children are supported by both parents.

"Some maintenance is harder to collect, especially where non resident parents do not comply with the agency or are wilfully obstructive. The agency will always pursue the maintenance and money is never written off."