Catsfield Close new homes granted permission

DESPITE strong objection from residents, planning permission was granted for 10 new homes at the end of Catsfield Close, St Leonards.

The area of land is currently a open green space.

The proposal made by housing provider AmicusHorizon, which also includes a play area, was approved by Hastings Borough Council Planning Committee on Wednesday, August 17.

Steve Bowles, representing residents of Catsfield Close opposed to the plans, many of whom attended the meeting, said: “This is the only open area that we have, and the age group using the area is children from six to twelve years of age.”

He added that if buildings were to be placed on this site, then the nearest open space would involve crossing the busy Crowhurst Road, to access the reservoir on the other side.

There were concerns raised over the safety of having children crossing a main road with a speed limit of 60mph.

Mr Bowles also said that parking was already a major issue in Catsfield Close and surrounding roads, and this problem would only be made worse with the development of additional new homes.

Planning permission was granted on condition that no development on the land may take place without plans for a pedestrian crossing to be constructed on Crowhurst Road, and traffic calming measures to be implemented in Catsfield Close and Whatlington Way.

Oliver Morse, speaking on behalf of the housing provider, said: “Amicus Horizon is the largest provider of quality affordable housing in Hastings.

“The sale of this land will be vital to delivering affordable homes.”

Discussing the application, Councillor Godfrey Daniel said: “I do not like this, but I do not see any planning reason why this should not be granted.”