Cat thrown 30ft off ladder for a laugh

A SICK thug climbed 30 feet up scaffolding in St Leonards and dropped a cat to the ground as a party trick to impress his pals.

The yob was spotted climbing up the side of a large house in Albany Road one evening with petrified two-year-old Buster under his arm.

He then tossed the defenceless animal from the scaffold ladder which was met by a cacophony of jeers and cheers.

Buster tumbled to the ground where he suffered concussion and a broken jaw.

Somehow brave Buster staggered to his feet and managed to run out to the front of the house where his devastated owner Nicci Camoccio found him.

“It makes me sick to the bone how cruel people can be,” she said. “Why would anyone get a kick out of something like this?”

Nicci took Buster, who was himself a rescued kitten, to Greenleaves Vet centre in Little Common where he was given emergency treatment.

He was cleaned up and later allowed to go home.

Nicci took Buster to Ashbrook Vet centre in Battle Road, St Leonards the following day and was given a bill for £132.

Three weeks later he is recovering at home but Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses to get in touch to catch the culprit.

“A neighbour saw the whole thing,” added Nicci. “But she is too frightened to tell the police for fear of reprisals. There have been a few parties at this house recently.

“I reckon they were aged between 17 and 20. They must have called him over to gain his trust in the first place. They were cheering when he was thrown off the scaffolding. “It made me so angry when I found out. Buster is on the mend now but is very wary of strangers.

“I can’t stand any level of animal cruelty, it makes my blood boil. This person must be caught before they think about doing it again.”

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting serial 595 of 5 August or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. A reward is being offered for information. Call our newsdesk on 856760 for details.