Cat reunited with owner after Observer appeal

The Juckes family
The Juckes family

A cat that disappeared from his beloved owner’s home had been staying at a house just a few streets away.

Stevie the Tortoiseshell vanished earlier this month from the Juckes family home in Stonefield Road.

But she turned up at Ginny James house in nearby St Mary’s Terrace where she was fed and looked after for around 10 days.

The distraught Juckes family immediately put the word out to friends and neighbours as well as putting notices up on local lampposts.

It was not until Ginny read an appeal for information in The Observer that she realised Stevie was missing from home.

Ginny, 51, who lives in St Mary’s Terrace, said: “I read the story and felt really sorry for the family – but when I read the description of the missing cat I realised it just had to be the

little furry ‘houseguest’ who’d moved in to my home a few days previously.”

“A tortoiseshell cat came strolling past my house in St Mary’s Terrace a couple of weeks ago.

“I offered it a morsel of ham and that was it. It ate the treat, brushed past me, jumped onto my settee and started washing itself.

“It’s been in residence and possession of my home ever since. As soon as I saw the story in the paper I called the number given and was delighted to be able to hand Stevie back to a family that clearly doted on her.”