Cat charity shop uses one of its lives

A CAT charity shop has used up one its lives after surviving a £2 million cost cutting exercise involving 80 job losses nationwide.

It was feared that Cats Protection in London Road, St Leonards could be forced to shut after the charity blamed the current economic conditions.

But head office confirmed that the branch, which employs a shop manager, would not be at risk.

The charity, which has a head office near Haywards Heath, is carrying out a 30-day consultation which will end on October 19.

It is seeking ideas from staff and its army of volunteers on the best way to achieve the savings needed to survive. In recent years it has implemented a series of cost reduction exercises which have not been sufficient to match what it calls ‘sustained high levels of inflation in the economy’.

Zahir White, spokesman for the charity, said: “Cats Protection’s Hastings branch, which is run by volunteers, is not at risk.

“The Hastings Shop does employ a staff member, we have checked with the relevant people involved in producing the consultation and can confirm that they are not considered at risk. Over the last few years Cats Protection has reduced staff numbers by not replacing positions that became vacant as a result of staff members leaving, and by reviewing existing supplier arrangements to reduce costs where possible. These measures have generated significant savings but, in spite of this, the current economic conditions mean Cats Protection has had to plan to make about 80 staff redundant from across the organisation.”