Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

Well, in reality this year has been a non-starter with me being in hospital three times for different things, the last, most recent almost making it possible for me to talk from a ouija board.

With the onset of autumn and the nights growing darker by two minues each day I officially pronounce ghost season open. Not that spirits aren’t there whatever time of the year it is but it’s far more convenient for the living to experience the dead when it’s dark early.

I have several ongoing investigations to complete as well as around a dozen new ones to follow up on but by the time I filter out the real ones to the ‘loonies’ that will probably come down to about two.

So not too much to report on this time but just to let you know that I’m back in action.

Should you have a paranormally related problem I can be contacted on 01424 444201 between 10am and 7pm, by email to or you can tune into my twice weekly music show ‘Kevthe Witch On Your Radio’ at or find me at