Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

IT’S been some time since my last item in this section as this year my health has been bouncing around all over the place and still is.

I’ve still had a stack of spooky stories from people who either think that they are jinxed or their home is being haunted by something or someone and through these very light late nights is quite unusual.

Beachy Head is one of the places that I have spent vigils at in the past, sometimes with quite dramatic occurrences and this avenue seems to be as popular as ever, particularly as there has been ten deaths there in the past seven weeks alone!

I mention this place as there is a leyline (natural energy line) that converges on St Leonards and interestingly some of the hauntings that occur locally fall on one of these lines. They have long been associated with amplifying electro-paranormal power and making things happen either where they intersect with another or sometimes where something very emotional has happened, this being amplified by the leyline and causing both hauntings and poltergeist activity.

A second runs through the picnic spot on the East Hill which was once a Neolithic burial site and also the old quarry at Fairlight where many walkers, particularly with dogs, have reported strange phenomena, in particular their pets reacting ‘in a peculiar way’ and close to the car park just above the Coastguard Cottages where for no reason at all vehicles, even brand new ones, have reportedly completely lost power ‘as though a vampire had sucked the electrical life from them’.

My other field of interest is experimenting with ESP, telepathy and people’s ability to make a wish and they happen and also people who constantly have runs of ever increasing bad luck, to a point where they feel that they have been cursed.

If you fall into any of these categories please feel free to get in contact. I would also like to hear from anyone who gives off static in their clothes and can give electric shocks.

I shall again be broadcasting on Pirate Day on 106.8FM, having received very good feedback last year and my activities with my music show KevtheWitch On Your Radio will be returning regularly and you can find this at

Should you have any spooky problems look me up at or my ghost site at For any of the above or to book a Tarot reading contact me on 07738 682815 or email me at