Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

I CAN’T resist starting my first Clubs of 2014 by telling you this. I am due to head to the mighty land of monsters twice this year, yes Loch Ness but the first has already been postponed due to the fact that ‘it is too wet for Nessie’!

Not for the creature herself (which I believe is a ghost anyway) but for other places that I have to take in on the short filming trip!

A spooky picture recently published in the Observer heralded a nice stream of comments with most people believing that they could see a distinctive human form in the image.

It has also brought in other tales of spooky encounters and if I receive enough I will be publishing a booklet on the spooky side of 1066 country. Add to that local UFO reports from sane and logical people and there does seem to be a lot of activity centred in this area, particularly around certain areas of the towns.

My second planned visit to Loch Ness will be in the next couple of months along with visits to some local haunts as well as further afield and overseas (New York included). This is for a new TV series centred around me and my dedicated team of ghost hunters, with filming starting in February so I may be a bit slower to get hold of for a few weeks. That is all the details that I am allowed to mention at the moment.

I received several comments about the Pagan Handfasting ceremony that I conducted on December 21 (Winter Solstice) particularly from people who want the same ceremony. The most commonly asked question has been Can we get married in a Pagan way and a church way? The answer is a quick yes, in fact my wife Sandie and I had two ‘weddings’ in one day in 1997, the first at the registry office and the second in our back garden!

I’d like to point out that a ‘handfasting’ is far more of a bond between mind, body and soul of a couple and there is no form of divorce or quick way out for the couple.

Finally I must say that with Christmas out of the way the next three months are the busiest time of year for paranormal reports and I think this is purely down to the nights being so long. If you have a paranormal problem, want a Tarot reading or want to get in touch for any reason the email address is or phone 07738 682815 (10am - 7pm only).

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