Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

IT’S almost that time of year again where we all gather around an open log fire telling ghost stories and this fuels the imagination of things that go bump in the night!

I have been saving some of the reported hauntings for my new TV venture which starts in January after quite a long wait. I am pleased to say that it is real television, not reality TV like the last one and it will include all aspects of the supernatural and paranormal.

I’ve carefully vetted the places that we will be filming locally to ensure that it isn’t just people making up ghost stories to get on TV.

Thanks to the many people who have been in contact about a ‘ufo’ hovering out to sea. This is in fact a planet, not aliens with binoculars so nothing to fear.

Again myself and Nessie seem to be crossing paths with a Scottish visit planned for January. It has caused quite a bit of controversy where I have suggested the creature is in fact a ghost from a bygone era and certain people on a psychic frequency or even certain weather conditions can trigger the apparition.

I did actually conduct an exorcism to set the creature free if it was unhappy, hence the non existent sightings and faked photos. I believe however that I can bring it back.

I am often asked as to whether I have cursed the Hastings bypass and a certain MP who has backed it. The simple answer is yes.

Not to injure people but to cause inexplicable breakdowns and electrical problems to vehicles using it, making them prefer to use the old route. Also a blight on the houses built on the beautiful countryside. Will I ever undo it? No!

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