Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

AS we swiftly head towards the darker days and nights of the year ghosts seem to be at the front of peoples minds, particularly with Halloween upon us on October 31.

My message this time of year as always is ‘You have more to fear from the living than the dead so why bang on a strangers door when you wouldn’t any other time of the year’? This I refer to for trick or treaters.

Very often I get called out to supposed haunted places and it turns out to be a complete waste of time. Not so recently when I attended a house in Burwash and very rarely something happened on the very first trip there, even though it was at 3.15am.

The occupiers had reported to me that at approximately the same time every night they were woken by a door slamming very loud several times. They had then seen a female walk from a wall, well out of it, go up a flight of stairs to the seventh step, seemingly climb over the banister and then hover in the air.

This was a remarkably detailed description, even down to the clothing the female figure was wearing, which they described as ‘evening wear’.

My first visit to the house didn’t disappoint as the owners had already obtained detailed plans of the house before a semi-modernisation in the 1980s.

Where the figure had walked from was once a door and seemingly had been for at least 50 years!

Surprisingly on my very first visit I witnessed the events exactly as stated and every nerve ending in my body was tingling with static electricity. I have already established with the owners that they don’t want their property publicised as they would clearly be descended upon by every ghost busting team in the country, many who have no sense of privacy for the owners or respect for the spirit in question.

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