Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

AS we enter October and the nights draw in paranormal season is upon us and the ghosts are again clanking their chains - or at least being mischievous with electrical items. I’ve been asked whether a spirit can in fact haunt a person. The answer is yes they can.

Different reasons can occur for this from a straying spirit ‘liking’ someone and wanting to help and protect them, to a deceased person who feels that they have unfinished business in life or instructions they need to pass on.

The most interesting that I have heard of is where a person has been murdered and they come back to wreak vengeance from the living, making their life one living hell until the murderer kills themselves (but are they left alone in death or still haunted?) or confesses to the crime.

I had a good response from locals who didn’t realise that severe bad luck, even deaths can be caused by severe emotions of jealousy, even hatred and not have to be down to a witch’s curse or a ritualistic jinx.

The most common one in St Leonards and Hastings is that if you come to the town you always have to return to it, this supposedly laid down by black magician Aleister Crowley. This is a pure urban myth but if you are worried by it just find a ‘lucky stone’ (one with a hole right through it, of which there are many), make a wish and throw it into the sea.

I’ve said before that I have no desire to prove to others that the supernatural is real as I have had enough odd experiences to make me a firm believer. Rather I would like to share the experience with others and if something happens that pleases me but if nothing happens that’s a fact of life - or death as the case may be.

Calls are now trickling in before the floodgates open from October to February where everyone seemingly has a ghost. To contact me email, phone 07738 682815 (10am - 7pm) or look up my website My music show is at