Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

‘GHOST season’ is almost upon us once more. The nights are rapidly drawing in so people are indoors much more, meaning that their weary homes start making all kinds of sounds that are often put down to paranormal activity. However among them there is always something really spooky and this really does get my adrenaline going and the rest of my team, of which I am recruiting new members.

If you do think you have a paranormal problem please look at all possibilities before calling me. At the moment I have a run of different people in different parts of the world who think they have been cursed.

Severe bad negativity can be offset from jealousy and hatred and this can be as powerful as any voodoo curse. Using my powers as a witch I mirror this bad luck back to its source so its never worth making a list of who it might be.

The symptoms of a curse, jinx, hex or whatever you choose to call it are continuous bad luck that goes against all possibility and odds. I don’t mean because you never win the lottery but strings of things happening including accidents, deaths, continual loss of objects and basically a person’s whole life caving in. I am always available for advice.

To contact me concerning my activities, including Tarot readings and so on write to Kevin Carlyon, 22B Dane Road, TN38 0QW, Call 07738 682815 (10am - 7pm), email, See my websites at and and follow my music show on the internet at