Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

WITH the year very quickly into August this is the quite month for spooky activity, not from the ghosts themselves but rather for the people who suffer from them!

However as the night draw in this won’t be the trend for long. Gives me time to turn my attention to more UFO activity which this time seems centred over Church-in-the-Wood and the Wishing Tree Reservoir.

I have had numerous reports from people of varying ages of an object hovering over the area, going around in a large circle before shooting off at speed towards the south.

All reports say that the object is disc shaped with two pairs of distinctive lights flashing first from one side then the other and back again and being gold, silvery white and purple.

So far the police and military have said that they have no activity in the area. Perhaps ET is thinking of ‘fracking’. So far no pictures but I will be keeping my eyes on this one and a probable ‘UFO bust’.

Talking of fracking I’ve had information released to me that a company may be going to test bore near Rock Lane. In the late 80s myself and my Coven placed several spells on the area to stop Amoco Oil finding anything. They did in fact have a dry well. There is still a film about that on my You tube if you tap in my name. From Channel 4 1989.

My supernatural series has gone past planning stage and will begin to film in September.

Ghost Camp is now becoming a reality but first I need to put some ideas on film. I’m looking for six people to join me camping in some supposedly haunted woods, each with a camera. Full details if you email me.

Finally, the six-part show that I appear in, Boom Town, starts on BBC 3 at 10pm on Wednesday (August 14). Trailers are already being shown for it.

To contact me ring 07738 682815 or email