Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

WITH Hastings Pirate Day looming on Sunday, July 21 it seems appropriate to talk about ships, in particular the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam which run aground at Bulverhythe.

I have known of regular reports down through the years from fishermen and people on the beach of ‘cries in the wind’ and sometimes it has been so clear that it has made the witness ‘run for it’.

A bit more fanciful have been reports of a ‘ship that glows green’ being spotted off of the shore but I fear here that this may have been caused by spirits of a different kind. Any reports always welcome and I shall be adding these events to my ghostly website

This leads to the fact that sounds and images can be absorbed into a particular place and with the right conditions or a person who is psychic these events can be replayed like a tape and, having heard the noises myself, am sure that this is what is happening at Bulverhythe but it doesn’t make it any less creepy.

Back to Pirate Day. I will be broadcasting my internet show KevtheWitch On Your Radio around the world on the internet at and also locally on 106.8 FM, the latter in true pirate form and the message to the radio authorities is ‘catch us if you can’, obviously the latter not being a legal activity.

My other film projects are now coming together. Watch this space for updates. I’m amazed by people who say that they haven’t seen my ad in the free paper for years. The fact is there isn’t one any longer but my Tarot readings continue as normal.

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