Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

THIS year is going so fast and we are already on the slow decline towards winter, even though summer hasn’t arrived.

Ghostly reports from 1066 Country to steadily flow in giving me more than enough to pick and choose the ones that from the start I feel are genuine and not an attempt to thrill seek or pop up on TV.

Talking about TV I was on a live TV debate on BBC1 on Sunday from Brighton called What’s the Questions and many people spotted how host Nicky Campbell singled me out to shake hands with me on the show.

You can catch this on BBC iPlayer. I was wearing my robes but nowadays I only choose to do this for TV or very heavy rituals, exorcisms etc.

Now this is where I need your help.

I am looking for people who either scare very easy or are very hard to scare but whichever the people must have the nerve to come along to haunted sites indoors and out.

I’ve described in the past how when a person sees a ghost for the first time the experience can either be a let down as the spirit looks so human like and one minute it is there, then it is gone, or the complete opposite and is a sensation like the worst fairground ride you have been on.

Sadly a lot of the time when I go to supposed haunted sites nothing at all happens, just ends up being more like a social outing whereas on the few occasions things do happen it can be ‘electric’.

I’ve had people chicken out of coming on future observations because they are so scared of what they have witnessed, whereas others don’t come again because nothing happened for them.

Now is your chance to let me know your interest in coming along.

Write to me at, call 07738 682815 or visit Same contact details if you are interested in a Tarot reading.