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AS we head into June this usually becomes the quietest time of year for reports of paranormal activity as people are out and about much more because of the later daylight hours but due to the bad weather more people are staying in and experiencing strange things but I must say that most are down to everyday things.

The main causes of strange sounds and doors opening and closing this time of year is when the central heating is turned on for a burst because of the cold nights, causing wood to expand slightly and when the house cools off again floorboards and door frames returning to their normal shape. If there are several people in the house it is always worth comparing notes before putting it down to the supernatural and scaring each other silly.

As a researcher I would love to say that more spooky things happen than they do but sadly it’s not the case. I have a new project on the go called Ghost Camp which I hope to film in good weather this summer. It will comprise taking two groups of four to some supposed haunted woods to spend the night, on one night a group of all females, the second night all males.

My aim will be to scare them and if someone screams or shouts they are out. When left with two of either sex the third visit will be to scare them to end up with one overall winner who hasn’t expressed fear noisily. This will all be filmed. That’s all I can say at the moment but needless to say full details will be given to the participants.

Any persons interested or interested in Tarot, my magical activities or wish to come ghost hunting can contact me on my usual number 07738 682815 (10am - 7pm) or can find out all about me at or tune in to my internet radio station at