Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

MAY so far seems to have heralded the most enormous amount of calls about spooks and akin related subjects that I have received in a month so quickly for the last 18 years and that’s in the space of seven days so I’m looking forward to an action packed month.

Many of course will be ordinary occurrences misinterpreted but then there will be the odd one or two that really can’t be explained and are genuinely spooky. Calls as always to 07738 682815.

I’ve seen the first episode of Boom Town at a unique myself and my wife Sandie premiere and well I don’t know what to say. You are probably thinking because I’m in it I’m going to say ‘brilliant, superb, outstanding’. Sadly not. Everyone has their own taste in humour and I’m always stunned that people are laughing at stand up comedians who every word they say brings a laugh, with everyone looking at each other to see who else is laughing as though its compulsory. My opinion of what I’ve seen so far ‘Its enough to scare the spirit world’. At least Sandie thinks I come across OK. Make your own mind up on August 19, BBC 3.

Now I want your help. I want to form a completely separate group of people that are so easily scared that someone only has to say ‘boo’. Also an equally hardened group of people who it takes an awful lot to scare. This again is for my paranormal research but it’s to test people’s reactions to being left in proven haunted locations and also to take part in experiments such as telepathy tests, ouija boards, electronic voice phenomena and so on. Give me a call and I’ll explain more - 07738 682815. Just say you are interested in ‘The Fear Project’.

My much more serious TV project is now unfolding and I am looking for people who would be interested in making up a small team but be warned extensive travel will be involved. Details on request.

Finally reports of seeing a spirit on The Ridge opposite the Robert de Mortain pub are still coming in, many thinking it is Aleister Crowley, the infamous black magician 666 and all that. Have you seen anything odd there?

As usual you can contact me for any of the above, Tarot readings (Which I have sadly now put up to £15 including a free recorded disc) and more on 07738 682815, see, or tune into my music broadcasts at