Carlyon Paranormal Research group

IT has been a strange year so far with spooky tales coming from all directions but they all have one thing in common.

They are all based on true accounts, some going back years, but have, bit by bit, had little snippets added to them. Take for example the supposed ghost of Aleister Crowley that is reputed to haunt the road along The Ridge opposite The Robert de Mortain pub, where he ended his days when it was a guest house.

All those who have seen the apparition speak of the same bald-headed figure but something is wrong with describing the same clothing all the time. He has even been seen in modern attire.

Is this a real spook or just an elderly gent out for a quite pint? One driver claims that he swerved to avoid the man in the road and was sure that he had hit him but on a thorough search no body was found.

The above is a typical example of why so much research has to be done into a case and it can sometimes go on for years to find concrete evidence. So sometimes ghost hunting can be very tedious and boring and other times extremely rewarding and scary at the same time.

Those of you waiting for my BBC 3 comedy programme Boom Town will still have to wait to see the finished product as no on air date has been announced as yet.

My other TV project, which will take me and my chosen team to New York among other places, including filming locally, is also being put back due to this soul-destroying cold weather which is delaying their current work commitments. But sure as hell you will catch me on TV this year at some point and it will also end the wait for one of my chosen assistants, including Nicky Hawes and my wife Sandie who wants to take in the sites while I chase the ghosts.

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