Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

MY TV programme Boom Town is nearly a ‘wrap’ as they say and will be on TV in the next few months, far more excited am I at the prospect of another series about the subjects that I treat very seriously, ghosts and witchcraft, the aforementioned series being comedy although based around my real life activities.

The new series, which is being kept tightly under wraps, will feature me filming locally, around this country and abroad (including New York) at sites that have a newly established link with the occult but also including old favourites like Dartmoor and Loch Ness.

This is the real programme that I have been waiting for and it casts me as head of a small team going in to investigate these places for factual happenings and hopefully catching things as they happen on camera. If nothing occurs be it so. Its not going to be another ‘Most Haunted’ spoof!

Also coming along after several years is my own project ‘Ghost Camp’ where a group of people are set under canvas in a wood to spend the night without screaming, the idea being scream and you are out, until its down to the last two and finally a winner.

It’s not just a scream but any loud gasps or ‘jumpy’ noises above a certain sound level. The snag is there will be all sorts of traps to make people scream, like bats dropping from trees, loud bangs and of course ghostly figures appearing from nowhere.

With these and assisting with everyday ghostly problems for locals and further afield and the continued growth of my internet radio station it’s going to be an action packed few months.

Want to join me? My radio station is at, my main website is at and the ghosts one To contact me for Tarot or advice is 07738 682815 or email