Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

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IT’S almost incredible to believe that January has virtually gone already has it has been anything but quite with spooky activity on a nationwide scale. One human failing has prevented much research this month - illness! Not on my part I add but those who are seeking my help so I have a mega mad period coming up!

One poor lady, Nikki, has patiently be waiting for several months to come on her first ghost bust with several postponements getting in the way including a film company which wants to show people experiencing their first paranormal adventure ever so Nikki (I have great confidence in her to be my main assistant) is a perfect victim for this and it all gets underway with that project soon. Meanwhile my wife Sandie keeps my more normal side of life running.

Meanwhile Boom Town is coming together well but you’ll have to wait to see the results on BBC3 this year. Highly top secret. My ghost TV programme is aimed for the autumn and a third project is under discussion so quite an exciting year for me personally. Tarot readings continue and still at £10 per reading (07738 682815).

I’ve been asked repeatedly about my curse on the Link Road. It’s not on drivers who use it in the future just those greedy individuals and their future generations and politicians who have ‘lied’ this through the system, including MP Amber Rudd and any land used for building of homes, factories etc which will be blighted.

Not exactly a curse of Biblical proportion but not far off and what will happen will make people believers in the occult. People ask about black magic. Well in reality it is exactly the same energy as white, just with a different outcome in mind. It’s like electricity. You can cook with it or you can kill with it.

Want to get involved in my research, filming or have a ghost problem? The ‘Spook Hotline’ is 07738 682815, see details at, or tune in to my music radio show at