Carlyon Paranormal Research Group

AS I reported in my last clubs what I class as ‘Real Spook Season’ is upon us and a small trickle, soon to become a flood, has started.

Coming up in the next few weeks I have a haunted house, a spooky wood and a return to a supposedly cursed car with the number plate ARK 666Y. Beachy Head too is one of my ghostbusting ‘haunts’. Mingle those with television and I foresee a busy few months coming up. It always intrigues me when I advertise for people to join my group.

Some people only come once because they are either bored by nothing happening or terrified when something does happen. Same with the responses I get from people asking if I could assure them that nothing would happen, those who say they are scared of the dark, those who ask if they have to be in front of cameras to be on TV or could their partner come along. I have a particular problem with the latter so I only ask people to apply as individuals as with partners one may be really suitable, the other a complete dork. I always say to people that they have more to fear from the living than the dead and if you do come along and poo your pants don’t blame me.

I never reveal locations in advance to deter hoaxers but watch these pages as to where I’ll be next, rough locality that is.

Finally for those of you who have never experienced my internet music station give it a try at contact me see or my ghost site