Car mounts pavement and strikes flat

Damage caused by the car
Damage caused by the car

A MOTHER and her two sons got the shock of their lives and were left shaken after a car crashed into their flat on Wednesday (September 19).

Caroline Humphries, 42, was at home in St Mary’s Road with 18-year-old Kane Frith and his 21-year-old brother Danny when the Mercedes mounted the pavement outside and struck the property.

She said: “We felt the whole house shake and thought there was an explosion. Kane saw a car go through the railings outside towards the house. The car did not come through but damaged the bay window wall quite badly. Kane was watching TV when it happened.

“We really thought the car was going to come right through the wall. Kane jumped up as he was leaning against the wall the car struck.

“I told him to call the emergency services while I ran out to see if there was anyone inside the car but there wasn’t. We were really shaken up.”

Miss Humphries then called Easylet estate agents, the firm they rent the flat from.

Easylet owner Mark Cockerill said the Mercedes caused damage to the walls of the lower ground-floor reception room, as well as one window and cracks to the ceiling.

“We arrived within half an hour and made the place safe. A structural engineer will be going out there to assess the full damage.”

Sergeant Brian McCartney, from East Sussex Road Policing Unit, said the incident happened just before 12.45pm.

He added no one was in the Mercedes at the time officers arrived.

Firefighters from The Ridge Fire Station also attended to make sure the building was structurally safe.

Watch commander Peter Everett said: “The tenants were clearing suffering from shock.”

It is believed the Mercedes, which was an automatic car, had gone into reverse before hitting the property.