Campaign aims boost skills of young motorists

A CAMPAIGN has been launched across the county to help improve driving skills among young motorists.

Launched last year in West Sussex, the campaign aims to protect lives through better knowledge and education for young people and their parents.

Supported by MPs across the county and Sussex Air Ambulance, the project was launched last May to get driving into schools and colleges across the county.

With more than 70 schools now taking part, their work has been recognised with a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award.

The campaign provides free access to Drive iQ; state-of-the-art online brain-training for 16-18 year olds.

It also provides workshop plans to enable teachers to run tutorial sessions around the software and a guide for parents called ‘Is your child learning to drive? Everything you will need and want to know’.

Campaign founder Sarah Rowley said: “Young people are the most vulnerable of road users and tragically hundreds die each year and thousands are seriously injured.

“In West Sussex alone 27 lost their lives on local roads in 2010. The vast majority of crashes are contributed to by poor attitude and behaviour, rather than lack of technical skill.

“Drive iQ effects behavioural change by using coaching techniques that allow the novice drivers to work out for themselves what the answer is. The benefits of coaching including a more engaged and motivated student with an increased capacity for learning and that all important recall when needed.”

For free access to Drive iQ visit and follow instructions. For a free download of the parent guide visit

For schools that would like free access to the programme, email Mrs Rowley at – or call 01483 604019 for more information.