Calls for crossing by St Leonards school amid fears of serious accident

Cllr Phil Scott and Gillian Baker pictured on the Churchwood Drive traffic island
Cllr Phil Scott and Gillian Baker pictured on the Churchwood Drive traffic island

A borough councillor is calling for a pedestrian crossing to be installed near a primary school.

Cllr Phil Scott, who represents Hollington, said the area around Robsack Wood Primary Academy has seen a large increase in traffic since the opening of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road and recent housing development.

He and many residents fear a serious accident could happen unless a crossing is put in Church Wood Drive.

Cllr Scott said: “With the increased volumes of traffic, housing development in and around the Robsack area and the increase in size at Robsack Wood Primary Academy, it really is time to reassess the need for a safer crossing point for families and children on Church Wood Drive. The road is fast moving and concerns are being raised by many parents.

“Let’s not wait for a serious accident to happen here before the county council seriously considers a reassessment at the junction of Church Wood Drive and Bodiam Drive for a pedestrian crossing.”

Gillian Baker, former governor of Robsack Wood, said: “More traffic going to the school means Church Wood Drive is almost at capacity at peak times.

“We really do need a pedestrian crossing and soon.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “Additional parking restrictions have been introduced in Bodiam Drive and the surrounding roads which have helped to improve pedestrian access for parents and children attending Robsack Wood Primary Academy.

“In terms of other improvements nearby, we do only have limited funding for local transport schemes and have to ensure we target our resources to schemes which will have the greatest benefit for communities. We will be carrying out an initial assessment to see if a crossing at the suggested location might be a priority for future consideration.

“We will report back to Cllr Scott with the results of this assessment in due course.”