Call to remove eyesore BT box

Robin Hayter pictured with the phone box, West Hill, Hastings. 4/4/13
Robin Hayter pictured with the phone box, West Hill, Hastings. 4/4/13

AN EYESORE phone box has been left standing at an angle for more than six months after is was knocked over by a lorry.

The British Telecom box in Priory Road, West Hill has been out of order since October and subject to vandalism.

Resident Robin Hayter, aged 54, of Priory Road, wants the phone box removed as the area attracts a number of tourists during the summer months.

The use of phone boxes across the UK has rapidly declined since the advent of mobile phones.

It was reported that thousands of the boxes were sold to private buyers in the mid-1980s and since 2008 has sold a further 1,800 to local communities for just £1 each through its Adopt a Kiosk scheme. This has seen boxes transformed into art galleries, public libraries, exhibitions, information centres and fitted with life-saving defibrillation machines.

Now just 11,000 of the 51,500 public kiosks remain as traditional red boxes.

Mr Hayte, who works as a film maker, said: “I just can’t understand why this has been left like this for so long.

“It is just an eyesore now and I want it removed.

“I don’t know anyone who uses a phone box these days.

“But we have a lot of tourists who come up here for the views. Coaches stop near the phone box and tourists and families stop and have picnics nearby.

“It’s not what we want them to see when they come up to this part of Hastings.

“It would be much better to have a traditional red phone box which would be much more attractive.”