Cadets get the message on road safety from firefighters

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AIR cadets received a demonstration on road safety and what to expect in emergency situations from firefighters.

During a recent activity weekend at Crowborough Training Camp, a group of air cadets and staff from East Sector were visited by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS).

The fire service attended along with three fire tenders and an animal rescue unit.

Following on from a film presentation about road traffic accidents, the Fire Brigade carried out a casualty rescue demonstration.

Nineteen-year-old cadet warrant officer Coral Martin of 2262 (Bexhill) Squadron played the role of the ‘casualty’.

Coral, along with Cadet Jordan Page, aged 15, from 304 (Hastings) Squadron took part in a short video centred on the visit and connected to Road Safety Week.

Of her experience as the casualty sitting in the car, Coral said: “It was very loud and if the situation had been real, a little scary.

“If I was unlucky enough to be in that situation I would now be better prepared as to what to expect.”

Jordan said: “I was really moved by what I saw in the film presentation and it gave me insight into what can happen.

“I will definitely think about how to use the road when I learn to drive.”

Road Safety Week is an annual event which aims to get all sections of the community involved.