Butlers’ Gap closed for safety repairs

A POPULAR open space in the Old Town will remain closed until repairs are carried out to a house above it.

‘Butlers’ Gap’, named because it was situated between two ‘Butler’s Emporium’ shops, features a landscaped seating area, a giant chessboard, and chess sculptures by local sculptor Leigh Dyer. It was closed in early February following the collapse of a house wall in Hill Street on the hill above the open space.

Council spokesman Kevin Boorman said: “Butlers’ Gap will have to remain closed until the repairs to the house in Hill Street are completed. Any further collapse would almost certainly result in debris falling into the gap and could affect Oak Passage The last thing we want is for someone to be injured or worse, so we will have to keep the area closed until the house is repaired and we are sure it is safe to re-open Oak Passage and, of course, Butlers’ Gap.”