Businesses help boost local tourist attractions with staff motivation

Hastings Adventure Golf SUS-180213-115602001
Hastings Adventure Golf SUS-180213-115602001

Local attractions like Hastings Adventure golf are getting a boost from businesses using them for team building exercises.

Hastings Adventure Golf reports a 20 percent rise in corporate team building events at its crazy golf complex.

Findings at the beginning of last year by Investors In People showed that poor staff motivation was responsible for cutting UK productivity by close to half. It was suggested that team motivation and boosting team morale plays a key part in productivity with team building days or activities proven to help with this.

Kevin Boorman, Manager of the 1066 Country Partnership said: “It is great news to see businesses taking advantage of what’s on offer in the area. Sussex has many great outdoor activities perfectly suited to corporate activities and days out.”

Chris Richards, MD, Hastings Adventure Golf: “When an office team comes to the course, they are looking for fun, combined with a bit of competition and, of course, a break away from the office – the fresh air and fish and chips by the seaside are an additional bonus!”

Kate Richards at Hastings Adventure Golf said: “The main goal of team building should be to take staff away from the office, improve team work, communication and, most importantly, have fun. It doesn’t need to be sky diving – although outdoor activities are definitely best. An easy and accessible activity open to everyone is important, one where you don’t need to be marathon-fit or a champion tennis player to take part.”


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