THE CONTINENTAL VIEW by Theo Rebergen: Meet the columnist

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WITH the Eurozone coming out of your ears, the last thing

you want is a Dutchman, blunt, ignorant and sometimes arrogant,

blogging more stuff about Europe. They might have told you that

the Dutch are open minded and cosmopolitan? Forget it;

we can be very narrow minded and some of us are more Calvinistic

than Mr. Luther himself. We step on more toes than Jeremy Clarkson

on a meeting of the British caravan club. But don’t go away;

you might learn the truth about life on the other side of the channel and also

get a different view about what is happening in your lovely homeland England.

Uncoloured by politicians, banks, insurances and big bosses; stories and facts

about ordinary people on Europa’s streets. How they survive the crisis,

create new business opportunities in bad times and how they plan for the

economic aftermath. It will give you at least an honest chance to compare if

you are better off or worse and allow you to look past the doom-and-gloom on British TV;

English news would be bad for my eyes, heart and soul and could make me depressive.

Very risky when you live near Beachy Head!

Where do I get all my wisdom from?

Speaking a few languages I travelled the globe for 40 years, supporting business

that wanted to go abroad, became a self-taught hobby chef and now-and-then

survived as a jazz pianist/singer. Organised events all over Europe, got to know how

the people think and learned a lot about their cultures. I know exactly

what Angela Merkel will say on TV the next day as if I have spent the night with her;

now that would be a real sacrifice for my country and Europe.

How did I get to the South-East of England? Family, friends and a love for British comedy.

The food got better in the last 10 years; I have eaten in great country side

pubs that celebrate fantastic local produces. I now commute a few times per month

through the Eurotunnel and single handedly eliminated their deficit.

Why do I bother? I always get itchy if I see business opportunities and nobody has a go at them.

It drives me mad when local politicians and governors do not take time to look ahead and pave the road

for new initiatives to boost local businesses which could create organic growth and new employment.

So log in next time and see how they improve businesses efficiency on the other side of the channel;

Projects like “The Director’s Chair”, “After School Entrepreneurs” and “Recycle Senior Management”.

But also about possible x-channel business for East-Sussex companies; and don’t miss out on some of my personal travel tips; great pIaces on the continent to stay, wine and dine.

See you, Au revoir, Hasta La Vista, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci, Tot Ziens!

Theo R.

InterCultural Business Relations.

Views from across the Channel on Europe and England.

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