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Question: “With the Olympics this summer I’m not sure what to do about the disruption this is bound to cause the business. How can I best alleviate any problems? ” Tom

Answer “Any major sporting activity will have an impact on business; just think of the Football World Cup! You’ll have staffing issues and practical ones if you travel in or around the Olympic sites or major transport hubs. The ACAS website has some useful information relating to staffing and sites such as TfL, and London2012 ORN will help with regards to travel.

Assess your business needs for the period and undertake a staff survey to find out who wants leave, are Olympic volunteers, what issues they see arising etc. What are your customers and suppliers doing? Will meetings be postponed or held via phone conferencing for example? Using all this information put together a staff attendance policy and business action plan. Communicate that to the staff, and where appropriate, your customers and suppliers.

The most important factor however is your own attitude. Is this something that you’re going to celebrate or complain about? How you react will determine whether you find obstacles or solutions. Customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees like solutions so being positive about the contingency plans you have in place will improve your ability to manage any disruption and enhance your company’s reputation.”


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