New business suite backed by robust broadband 

BPE SUS-140209-145121001
BPE SUS-140209-145121001

Hastings Direct comes to BPE’s Eastbourne House facility. Hastings Direct has contracted with BPE to use BPE’s facilities at Eastbourne House. This is for a specific project and BPE are very pleased to be welcoming them to their facility.

BPE launches new Suite: BPE is also pleased to announce the launch of a new training/meeting room at the Old Print Works. The new Suite is called Script and has a number of bookings going through the Autumn and into next year. This brings the total number of Training, Board and Meeting rooms at the Old Print Works site to seven and BPE are pleased to be maintaining and expanding their commitment to the Print Works Project.

What is one of the most important services your business uses? You will be able to think of several immediately but BPE wonders how far from the top of the list will be your broadband connection. This facility works quietly in the background and many companies take it for granted. Some think that by having two independent providers that they have a failover. Broadband is similar to the railways in that you can purchase supply from any number of different suppliers but is all supplied over BT infrastructure.

BPE working in conjunction with Cloud Connx have developed a failover product which offers you a truly independent back-up to a wire broadband service. It allows users to switch away from a wired service if someone should dig up the road and go through a BT cable or if the wired service just goes down.

Just pause for a moment and think about how your business will be affected if you lose your broadband. Call us on 0843 289 1723 For as little as £75.00 per month plus VAT you could have complete piece of mind.