MVL Wills and Trusts Limited launched in Battle

Battle-based accountancy practice MVL Business Services has launched a new estate planning arm to offer will and trust-writing services to its client base.

After launching MVL Wills and Trusts Limited, MD Mark Law said: ‘There is a definite need for quality estate planning advice in the area.

More than 70% of the population do not even have a will and most are unaware of the chaos caused to our loved ones when we pass away intestate.’

MVL offers the option of trusts to provide protection against inheritance tax, bankruptcy and the many other threats to family wealth and that of future generations. ‘Trusts are a fantastic tool for the preservation of wealth within the family,’ said Mark. ‘Property prices these days mean that many families’ estates already exceed the Inheritance Tax threshold. Trusts can help mitigate the tax payable.’

MVL has partnered with Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Limited, an estate planning specialist with many years’ experience in preparing wills and trusts. ‘MVL Wills & Trusts’ primary motivation is to ensure our clients’ assets and loved ones are protected by providing the right advice and estate planning solutions,’ said Mark. ‘Countrywide were the perfect company to team up with.’

If you would like more information call MVL on 01424 577070.