Jobless figures starting to level off

UNEMPLOYMENT figures remain stable after a gradual increase over the past six years, according to the latest data.

A steady rise in jobless residents living within Hastings borough and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) began in 2005.

Then, around three per cent of local residents of working age (16-64), were registered for JSA.

This figure reached five per cent by 2009, and peaked briefly at 6.5 per cent in February 2010, one year after the UK officially slipped into recession.

Figures for June 2011, released by the Office for National Statistics, show 5.7 per cent of residents fit and able to work are currently claiming JSA.

Since December 2010, the figure has kept within a range of 0.2 percentage points, showing signs of levelling out.

The national figure of JSA claimants in England is currently at 7.8 per cent.