FSB announces sponsorship for ‘Best Start-up Business’ category at the 1066 Business Awards.

Brett McLean is chairman of the FSB 1066 Country branch
Brett McLean is chairman of the FSB 1066 Country branch

The Federation of Small Businesses has proudly put its weight behind sponsoring the ‘Best Start Up Business’ Category of the 1066 Business Awards 2012. The Awards are currently taking applications which will culminate in the ceremony on the 19 July in the week the Olympic torch relay hits the area.

The ‘Best Start-up Business’ category is for firms who have been in business for up to two years and the FSB as Champion’s of the UK’s real-life entrepreneurs is one of the best placed business organisation to sponsor it. The FSB offers a business support package that is second to none including 24/7 legal advice, free business banking, tax protection and a range of discounted services to keep cost down and generate sales. Additionally, the local FSB has a programme of networking events to generate contacts and sales at www.fsb.org.uk/eastsussexevents

Martin Searle, Development Manager of the East Sussex FSB region (and a local resident) will be on hand to help judge the competition and Lord Brett McLean, (pictured) Chairman of the FSB 1066 Country branch, will be supporting the Award all the way to the finish line where he will announce the winner.

He said: “the FSB is so proud to take the step to sponsor and celebrate the success and growth of start up businesses. It is wholly appropriate as we are the largest business organisation in the UK and have 4,500 members across East Sussex and about 1000 in 1066 Country. FSB and non-FSB members alike are encouraged to apply, as this Award will bring together everything your business has achieved so far and give your business a tremendous profile to take it to the next level.”

FSB member benefits can be viewed at: www.fsb.org.uk/benefits