BPE geared up for everyone wanting to ‘Turn Up and Go’

BPE Business Connections are delighted to announce that Hastings Direct, who are currently utilising BPE’s Eastbourne House Rooms, have taken more space with BPE on the third floor of Berkeley House in Gildridge Road.

This means that Hastings Direct now have upwards of 90 people working in Eastbourne which I am sure is a welcome addition to the town.

New companies coming to a town have a ripple effect.

Whilst there is the usual extra commercial spend there is, in addition, the spend that occurs by extra people just being in the town.

Pubs Coffee and Sandwich shops and shops in the town centre are all places these extra people will and are spending money.

Hastings Direct are taking advantage of BPE’s ‘Turn up and Go’ service.

It is our experience that large companies who need to expand space on a temporary or semi permanent basis really want to be able to find and move into accommodation at short notice.

Hastings first approached BPE in mid August of this year and moved into furnished accommodation at BPE’s Eastbourne House on the 3rd September.

The service includes receptionist IT support, Fibre Broadband and the hands on care that BPE have shown in their other Old Print Works site where the Adhoc Meeting Room hire business is situated.

It became apparent that even more space would be needed and BPE were on hand to organise further accommodation in the building next door, Berkeley House, where a further team from Hastings Direct started occupation.

BPE have now three sites in town and are pleased to report that occupation is up on last year.

Mrs Joy Aldridge BPE’s Office Services Director says ‘Our commitment to provide the very best of service and support for our customers both big and small is what drives and motivates us’

BPE will be pleased to receive enquiries from businesses both large and small who wish to either use our ‘Turn up and Go’ service at the Old Print Works where we house our Adhoc Meeting Rooms of all sizes or require longer term accommodation taking advantage of our ‘Turn up and Go’ service to ensure that when you want to occupy a space, everything is there ready for you and you just literally Turn Up and start work. BPE Business Connections Tel: 0843 389 1723 or email joy@bpesystems.co.uk.