Bus stop for dementia sufferers

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A BUS stop has been created on a ward at the Conquest to help with the care of dementia patients.

It is a replica of ones found across the local area, however, not on any route and no bus will ever arrive.

The bus stop is part of pioneering treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and was first used at a centre in Dusseldorf, Germany and now being used widely in this country.

Monica Golding, ward matron on MacDonald Ward, where the stop is, said: “Patients living with dementia can become disorientated at times due to the deterioration of their short-term memory. However because their long-term memory is still active they are aware that the bus stop sign is a means to get them where they need to go. The idea is that during periods of confusion they are able to wait at the bus stop in the safety of our own ward.”