Bright spark takes second place in electrician contest

A YOUNG apprentice electrician has taken second place in a national competition.

Steven Kemp, 21, of Hastings, who works as an apprentice at Booker and Best, in St Leonards, made the finals of the Sparks UK Apprentice Electrician of the Year competition last month.

Steven studies at the Eastbourne campus of Sussex Downs College, and scored an impressive 100% in the regional heat, before taking second place overall, receiving a trophy and hand tools as prizes.

He said: “On his win, the talented sparky said: “I was very surprised when my name was called out by the judges; all I had heard beforehand was that someone had won it with a very high score so I never thought it would be me.

“The college and my boss at work have been very supportive of me throughout.

“Being entered into these competitions is an achievement in itself, so winning it was fantastic.

“Next for me is to complete my exams to become an approved electrician, gain more experience at Booker and Best, then hopefully open up my own company.”