Breathing expert to visit town to hold session

There will be a ‘one off’ unique session for people with all types of breathing problems when an expert in the Buteyko Breathing Method visits town on Tuesday (August 19).

Simon Paddon is hosting the event at West Hill Community Centre in Croft Road.

Placements for the session cost £15 and must be booked in advance at or by calling 0844 357 7373.

Mr Paddon is one of fewer than 300 specialists in the world who are qualified to teach the Buteyko method, using controlled breathing to help sufferers of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, emphysema, bronchial problems, panic and anxiety, and other breathing problems.

He said: “Buteyko breathing is unlike any other form of breathing regime, it focuses on every aspect of breathing, such as, how we should breathing when we cough, sleep, speak, exercise, eat, panic, and at all other times, as well as using gentle breathing techniques.”

Next Tuesday’s two-hour session starts at 10.30am.

More information on the technique can be found by logging onto